About Me

Welcome to A.C.Y. Design!

I’m Alexandra, a mom, wife and a design addict! You probably want to look at my work, that’s cool, but let’s break the ice a little first! With A.C.Y. Design, my desire is to help others with my passion and experience in renovation and design.

In late 2016, my husband and I bought our first home, a 1929 Dutch Colonial fixer upper in Bloomfield, NJ. We looked beyond dated style choices and saw all the potential this house had to become our dream home.

We couldn’t be happier with what it’s become!

I have a background in real estate and I’ve worked for a high end furniture company in NYC. I am now a stay-at-home mom,  restoring the house with my husband and looking for the best practices to reduce my environmental impact. I love nature, animals, (you might see our furry baby Leon on the blog too) and all things chocolate! 

Here’s what you can expect from my blog:

  • Experiences and stories on the house renovation
  • Interior design inspiration – Design concept boards and inspiration from designers and bloggers. 
  • Sustainable practices, eco-friendly products, and a low-waste lifestyle
  • Tips for home upgrades
  • Tips on home maintenance
  • DIYs projects
  • Kid friendly products, activities and decor

Learn a bit more about me, and the house with the Story of my house. 

Why A.C.Y.?

Because A.C.Y. are my family initials – Alexandra – Chloe & Yann – and family is my heart and inspiration!

Thank you for being here, reading my blog, and for following along on our journey.

I don’t tweet (twitter?), but you can follow me on Instagram!