Taking the bathroom down to the studs!

Our new house was a one bathroom only!

With our families in Europe and visiting usually for a few weeks (and with a baby on the way), the bathroom became our number one priority! 

So today’s post includes no pretty pictures, but it does include where we started!

If you want a complete Tour of the Old House, you know where to look! 

Welcome to our (soon to be) ensuite bathroom!!

Take a peek at the existing floor plans – The layout was not ideal.

We knew when we bought the house that we wanted to reshape almost the entire second floor.

My husband and I knew exactly what we wanted : An ensuite bathroom!! (And why not a walk-in closet right!?)

Here’s what the bathroom looked like:

There was absolutely no storage! 

And being completely obsessed about cleaning and having everything sorted into container boxes, I had to find the perfect new layout for our bathroom, with a bigger cabinet!

Since we didn’t know if anything was leaking, rusting, failing…  ALL HAD TO GO!

So my husband stripped the bathroom down to the studs!

Fancy taking a little shower?!

See our happy (tired) faces during demolition!? It was exhausting spending our weekends tearing down everything!

But also so worth it! (Ok, HE was demolishing, and I was cleaning up, but still !) 

Funny thing, during the demolition, we saw a slot inside the original medicine cabinet. When we knocked down the wall, there were hundreds of rusty razor blades flying everywhere! We had absolutely no idea that this was a razor disposal slot! 

Demolition only happens once. Here, we had a chance to start over with new materials and gain a peace of mind that nothing was going to cause us any problem in the future.

The room was now ready for a fresh start!

So now you are probably wondering what direction we are headed…

For more bathroom progress, stay tuned!

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