Bathroom – How to: Mix & Match Tiles

Have you ever played Sudoku?! Well, If you have and like it, you are certainly gonna enjoy what comes next!! This is how I designed and calculated how many tiles of each pattern I needed for my project.

These are the tiles I selected for our bathroom’s floor:

Merola Tile

Is it just me or are you in love too?!

The finished bathroom

In case you haven’t had a look yet at the guest bathroom reveal, here are some pictures!

This is how I designed the Mix & Match bathroom floor:

First, I created an Excel spreadsheet (Yep, I loooove spreadsheets!)

As the tiles measure 12 ¾ In. x 12 ¾ In, I created squares (every green/not square area, represents half a tile).

Knowing that the room measures 134″ x 87″, I calculated:

  1. 134 / 12.75 = 10.50
  2. 87 / 12.75 = 6.82

I repeated the same with the shower dimensions:

  1. 55 / 12.75 = 4.31
  2. 40 / 12.75 = 3.13

So this is what I was left to play around with:

My next step, was adding the 4 different tiles I had selected into my spreadsheet, and split each image in half (as I was going to have to use half tiles all around the room).

As you can see, the first tile is the only one that can be flipped to give another look once installed.

Then, I started playing Sudoku with my 4 numbers!

Take a look, it was a lot of fun!

Now, the next step: COUNT THEM ALL !

I had to count how many times each number was coming up. The numbers out of the squares had to appear twice to make an entire tile.

Not as much fun, but I promise, very useful!

Above, you can see the result of my calculation: I needed a total of 79 tiles to cover my floor, but decided to order 84 to be safe.

With all my numbers down, I just had to copy and paste the corresponding image to the number on my design to have a glance at the final look!

Not too bad right?!

It’s great to have a visual representation of the design, in case you have to redo the layout plan. Preferences may change, or you could find that the design that you chose does not look right in the space or does not fit well.


Once we were about to tile the shower floor, another pattern became available!

Look at this little beauty!!!!

I couldn’t resist but to add 2 of them in the shower area. And I don’t regret it!

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Thanks for reading along about my Mix & Match bathroom tile! 

Wishing you a wonderful day!

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