Interior Design – 1 Bedroom Apartment

Recently, a friend of mine moved to a new place: a one bedroom apartment in a pre-war building in Manhattan. 

Old buildings have a lot of character, but they can also have weird layouts, narrow rooms, but beautiful high ceilings and big windows! 

Spoiler alert: he got it all!

He reached out to me to find some inspiration.

Let’s be honest, I LOVE shopping, and shopping for someone else won’t hurt my wallet, so I gladly jumped into this project! 🙂

The budget to furnish his 1 bedroom apartment, was between $3,000 and $4,000 , depending on how much he would like the pieces I would gather for him! 

So I decided to create multiple options, at different budgets, because sometimes you find this one piece you like, (that can be more or less expensive) and everything else is designed around it!

I always create a page visual with all products to see how they work together!

Adding the price of everything also helps making a decision and budget the entire design.  

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