Family Bathroom Progress

Guest Bathroom Progress

As in love as I am with our master bathroom makeover, I have to say… I’m even more excited about this one! A couple weeks ago I shared my design concept board for this room (along with before photos) but here’s a quick refresh…

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Designing the space didn’t take us a lot of thoughts, but finishing this room took us a long time. Our plan for the space was to remove the staircase to the attic to make room for the new shower and even the ceiling height. We basically gut down all the red walls you see in the floor plan below and let the contractors work on the plumbing and electric.

GREEN: Walls we kept - RED: New walls

This is the space for the new shower. You can already spot part of the plumbing. The reason is that we knew from the moment we did the first part of the renovation (kitchen & master bathroom), that we would end up turning this room into a bathroom. So the water pipes and some drains were already installed! 

Below, is the shower bench being framed! We will use it to store our products. Correction, all of my products and Yann’s 2 products – I am trying to be minimalist, so I will try to keep just 4 or 5 … !

This is the accent wall that will accommodate the toilet and vanity. It’s also the only wall that will be tiled. We made this decision because the cost of renovation is obviously cheaper, but also because completely overhauling the bathroom isn’t necessary.

The dry wall is up!

Below is after the dry wall was installed. You can already see where the sconces are going to be located as well as the sinks and faucets. The shower is ready to to accommodate the tile with the brand new cement board.

Right outside the shower, we installed the bathroom exhaust fan to keep all stale and humid air out of the bathroom. 

When shopping for a ventilation fan you should consider the room size, sound level and light options. Our exhaust fan is paired with the switch of the shower light. Which makes it (almost) impossible to shower without it working at the same time!

Dream light coming soon! 

Shower Pan in the making

Almost ready to lay the tiles on the mortar bed … 

The Accent Wall

For our accent wall, I selected brick-look porcelain tiles from Home Depot. I really like the white brick pattern with a smooth matte finish! It gives the wall a beautiful industrial look!


  • We received a few boxes with broken tiles, so always make sure to open your boxes upon delivery in order to be able to get a quick replacement.

  • When you pick small tiles, you will have a bigger surface to grout. Keep in mind that more grout means also more maintenance.

  • Price as of June 28, 2019 : $5.05 /sq. ft.
  • Size: 2-1/3 in. width x 10 in. length x 3/8 in. thick

With this tile, I would recommend a white grout, because no matter how or when I looked at the wall, the tiles never seemed to be straight. After it was grouted, problem solved! This was certainly just an optical illusion but it would have bothered me in the end with a darker color.

The Mix & Match Floor tiles

This glazed natural quarry tile has rustic patterns matching perfectly all brass decor I selected. This tile is also safe for heavy-duty – Never too careful!

There are 6 different Merola Klinker Retro Blanco Tiles available online at Home Depot. By the time I placed my order, only the first four were in stock. But by the time we were about to start tiling the shower, the 5th one became available! So I decided to get 3 of them to make a change in the shower. 

*Price as of June 28, 2019 – Tile size: 12.75 in. width x 12.75 in. length x 0.67 in. thick

Manufacturer recommendation: Each line item within an order will be selected from a single dye lot (color) and caliber (size), but multiple orders can result in receiving multiple dye lots and/or calibers; please ensure that all tile for a project is obtained within 1 order.

Almost there...

Take a peak at the almost finished bathroom! I went with brass finishes with an industrial design. I love the timeless feel and how it ties in with the rest of our home.

Now all that is left is to install the shower door, hang the mirrors, install various accessories (like toilet paper and towel holders), possibly add a shelf or two and – take a shower!

Ahhh we’re so close I can taste it! Who else is looking forward to this reveal!?

Thanks for reading along about my guest bathroom progress. I loved sharing it with you! If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section. Be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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