The Guest Bathroom – Design Concept Board

THE GUEST BATHROOM - Design Concept Board

So for those who are new to ACY Design & have just stopped by to see the design concept board of our guest bathroom renovation, welcome! You can read a little bit about the story of our house & see a Tour of Our Home (before we started ripping it apart) here. And you can always find more on my Instagram account.

Furniture Inspiration

This bathroom story began when I completely fell in love with the Audrey Cabinet from West Elm!

Story short: my husband and I LOVE West Elm and more particularly their Mid-Century line. This is the piece we selected to create our new guest bathroom! 


“With its geometric, textured front, our retro-inspired Audrey Cabinet makes quite an impression. Slim, antique brass-finished metal handles pull the look together, while two roomy compartments keep odds-and-ends out of sight but easily within reach”.

I couldn’t have explained it better than West Elm itself!

Before going through the design concept board and the different materials, let me show you what the room looked like before. It was just an empty room with a staircase leading to the attic; not big enough to be converted into a bedroom, poorly insulated, but big enough for our new bathroom plans!

This is the only picture I found showing the staircase on the right. As you can see, the kitchen was under renovation at the time! At least, the drawers give you an idea of the width of the room! 


Floor Tiles

We wanted to create a peaceful bathroom, with soft color tones. My husband and I started searching on our own, brainstorming at night. We were looking everywhere for inspiration! And this is when my husband spotted this:

I can’t wait to show you the Mix & Match floor I designed with those beautiful tiles!!

Wall Tiles

For our accent wall, I selected brick-look porcelain tiles. I really like the smooth matte finish! It gives the wall a beautiful industrial look!


Below, are the before and after floor plans. As you can see, we decided to remove the stairs going to the attic to make room for a shower and install pull down stairs in the hallway. 

Below, you can see the shower plan, as well as the bathroom elevation floor plan. The elevation is not the final design, but you can have a better understanding of where we are heading to. 

Design Concept Board

Let’s head to my favorite part: The Design Concept Board!! It’s the starting point of any interior design project, the creative process. It’s such a great way to visualize everything together before it can even come to life!

You can now envision what the space is going to look like at the end. The style, mood, and color of the future space. What do you think of the overall feel and look of the room?

We wanted to play a game of contrasts reflecting our different personalities, using an overall dark green neutral color palette with warm and soft textures while keeping the aesthetic consistent with the other bathroom we renovated.

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