Kitchen & Dining Room – Demolition

Happy Friday everyone!! This week, I am going to guide you through our kitchen demo!

Our house is 1550 square feet (office and sunroom not included) and we wanted to take advantage of that the best we could. That’s why we decided to completely renovate our kitchen! We couldn’t be happier with the results because what felt so tiny and secluded before, now feels open, airy and connected to the rest of the house.

This is the before – kitchen & dining area

Kitchen floor plans:

First off, you can see the kitchen had already been slightly updated, but what was making it feel so shut off was the wall between the dining room and kitchen… oh yes, and the giant pantry taking half the space!

Here’s what we did

First, we removed the door leading to the living room. There was no point on keeping it and by closing it, we would have space for floor to ceiling cabinets.

Then, we knocked down the pantry as well as the wall between the kitchen & dining room

After opening up that wall, it was like our kitchen tripled in size!

We found a local contractor to take over and build the new structure, insulate, replace all of the dry wall, plumbing and electrical.

We did our master bathroom renovation at the same time, so this is the new plumbing for it!

This is the original window. It was too low to accomodate a kitchen cabinet. 

We opted for a smaller window to make room for a U-shaped kitchen. 

The new structure is up! Above is the kitchen area – below is the dining room. 

Ikea cabinets - Plans

I have spent hours and hours researching, looking at swatches, measuring and figuring costs.

We decided to go for Ikea kitchen cabinets for our kitchen, using Semihandmade cabinet doors! So we are not skimping on style! Everything is about finding balance. This is a way for us to balance our budget and this will allow is to purchase the countertop of our dreams!!

We will have all the charm of a much more expensive kitchen remodel and will be sharing all our secrets along the way.

I hope enjoy following along with our kitchen renovation journey!!

Have a great weekend!

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