Laundry room – Mood board and ideas

What’s funny about laundry rooms is that we’re in them a lot, yet we don’t give them the attention they deserve!

Why did we decide to remodel our laundry room? Because there was none! There was only an old washer plugged into the basement! 

The first question we asked ourselves was: what is important to us in a laundry room? The answer was storage, functionality but also to try to make the room nice! All of that, sticking to a budget! 

In our house, there was no other option for the laundry room but to be in the basement! 

Let’s be honest, if I had the choice, I would have preferred an upper level just to avoid walking around with the laundry basket! But we made it work with the space we had! 

New washer and dryer!

After a lot of research, I decided to hire those two professionals (Hubby and In-law) to complete the work! I have to admit, Yann is pretty handy! 

Admiring his hard work! 

Rather than bringing in the wood floor we have in the rest of our house into the laundry room, I opted to add gray porcelain tile with an authentic look of hardwood.

This tile is inexpensive, classic, and generally in-stock at Home Depot. We applied an enhancing sealant on top of the tile to deepen the colors.

Laundry room design - Using Ikea Home Planner

For the cabinets, I used the Ikea SEKTION cabinets with their glossy RINHULT doors

Their design app is very easy to use! You can save, edit your design whenever you want! It’s very convenient.

Below is my laundry room design. I love their 3D views! It makes everything feel real! 

At any time, you can get the pricing of your design, by clicking on the “Item list/Total price” tab (as shown below).

Once I had the basic function of my laundry room pinned down, I looked at my budget again to see how I could make the space more comfortable and stylish.

With front-loading machines, it’s easy to add a countertop above them. But, as we were already creating an entire wall with cabinets and countertop. I decided to pin this to my “to-do” list (late 2019? … Will see!). 

As for countertop material, (if your budget allows it, stick with something durable, such as quartz ($$$). Something that can stand up to spilled detergents and bleach) I chose a leathered ‘grey/white/burgandy’ granite countertop! (#DoAsISayNotAsIDo) 😀 

The only feature I hesitated on adding, was a deep sink for soaking or hand-washing delicates! I decided not to include it as I usually use a wash tub basin.

Laundry Room - Mood Board

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