Master Bathroom Renovation Progress

Happy Friday guys!

Last week, I told you all about the master bathroom demolition!

I am really excited to be sharing the renovation progress with you today.

Below, you can see the before and after floor plans of the 2nd floor.

Here are the biggest changes we made:

  • We decided to get rid of the separated shower, in order to create a bigger hallway leading to the “sunroom” (soon to be: ensuite bedroom – yeahhhh!). This made the room less spacious but it also made it symmetrical. 
  • We removed the door facing the stairs and moved it in front of the bathroom’s window. This would allow us to purchase a bigger bathroom cabinet.
  • You can’t see it in the existing floor plan, but right behind the door, there was a massive radiator. We decided to get rid of it and replaced it by heated floor.

I really think the new layout is creating a good flow within the second floor of the house. 

Everything feels more logical and natural. And this how you want to feel in a homey home! Right?

Now, let’s take a look at the progress!

View from the kitchen, looking up to the bathroom

View from the bathroom, looking down       

As you can see, everything got ripped out ! 

Our contractor started working on reframing almost the entire floor: bathroom, hallway and the, then, master bedroom!   

This is the view from the bedroom.

Every single floor joist under the bathroom got doubled and reinforced.

  • With the picture below, you have a better idea of the new bathroom’s size.
  • This is where the door was located before. Do you see the new door frame on the right side?
  • New plumbing and electrical.
20170128_130917 (1)

The new tub is framed!! It’s smaller, but way prettier! 

You can also see the shelf for all our products! Well, mostly mines to be honest …

Getting ready for the tiles! 

The tile pattern we chose for the wall is called Herringbone. There is something romantic and dreamy about this pattern!

If you love the timeless look of Subway Tile but are craving something more unique, this is something you might like too! 

We decided to pair it with white grout, as the black hexagonal floor tile we chose was going to give enough contrast to the room. Well, almost enough contrast. You will see below the colorful addition we made to give the room the exotic and warm touch we were looking to achieve!

20170216_170527 (1)
20170216_170535 (1)

We chose a black threshold to pair with the floor. Now, only have to add some color to that door! 


Take a closer look at the tile pattern. Even though it looks fancy it’s quite easy to make – simply place the short end of a subway tile against the long end of another subway tile, and build off that.


Scared of a boring black and white bathroom? No worries, we got that covered! 

Let’s get to this pop of color I was telling you about earlier!

As you can see, we decided to add wallpaper to the wall where the door is located. When you get into the room, you can’t see all that color. But when you turn around, you are transported to the jungle!


As small as the space is, it already feels twice the size it was before! But it also feels brighter and welcoming!

Here is a sneak peek at the finished master bathroom!

Stay tuned for the master bathroom reveal next week! I can’t wait to share all details with you!

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