Nursery – Design Concept Board

The Nursery - Design Concept Board

Ever since we moved to the house, I could envision Chloe’s nursery and it has been so surreal bringing it to life. From coming up with ideas, pinning inspo pictures and slowly, but surely figuring out a design plan and what I wanted it to look like, it has been such a fun experience from start to finish.

I settled on a color and theme to give my design focus , and left babyish behind. I wanted a space Chloe could grow into and enjoy for years to come. Create a room we would both love.

Our goal was to create a modern boho nursery look – but very calming and earthy vibe. Traditional Bohemian is a lot more colorful and has a ton of different patterns and textures. But the modern bohemian style is a bit more subtle.

Llamas were the starting point of the entire nursery design! It started with this beautiful mobile, which I couldn’t stop thinking about from the moment I saw it. Completely customizable – I designed the entire room around it.

I also fell in love with the faux-fur llama plush on Pottery Barn’s website. I bought the small size: 12″. I wish I could have bought them all, but I had to stick to my budget! Aren’t they adorable?! There is also a Llama Plush Rocker that you can personalize with your little one’s name! 

Nursery Mood Board

My inspiration came from several sources and I merged them all into one to create MY dream nursery. I am in love with neutrals and my entire house is pretty much neutral.  So I wanted to keep it consistent with the rest of my home, but still make it cute for Chloe and add a couple pops of color.

Clean cream walls, understated furnishings, and plenty of uncluttered floor space to give the room a bright, airy feel and a prevailing sense of openness. Create something that would make my heart skip every time I walk into the room.

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Thanks for reading along about my Nursery Design Concept Board! 

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