Playhouse progress

What can a little one dream about?

Maybe having their own tiny house? Why not taking advantage of the space under the stairs??

Yep, we were just taking every single wall down in our basement when I told my husband I wanted to build an under the stairs playhouse for our then, almost 2-year-old daughter!

He seemed skeptical at first, but let’s be honest, I can be quite convincing!

That’s when the fun part began..

The first step was to visualize the house from inside out. Measure everything to work around the beams supporting the stairs.

I went a little fancy and used my painter tape to determine the opening of the door and window, as well as the location of the walls and roof!

Let’s be honest, at first glance, this doesn’t look like a dream house (yet!!).

Once the drywall was up, I had a better idea of the materials needed and the measurements of everything.

I did a few trips to Home Depot to gather all the wood and accessories needed. Always with my toddler running around and helping me in my decisions.

True story guys, every time she sees Home Depot she says “Daddy”.. she must think we own the store! We spend so much time there!

My husband and I teamed up to finish everything before Christmas.

During the week, every nap time was a great opportunity to get things done!

It really enjoyed letting my creativity fly and trying something I had never done before!

Below, you can see the progress of the outside of the Playhouse. 

I used White Shiplap to give the house a clean exterior look. This pre primed board is very easy to install and gives a beautiful finished look.

Then, the trickiest part was building up the dutch door.. I used a lightweight interior door slab that I cut in order to fit my opening.

I filled the gaps by glueing and nailing a new piece of wood in each opening.

Wanna shop the look? Just kidding 🙂 

After that, I was left to sand and paint the 2 panels.

I draw and placed all accessories I was going to use, in order to get a visual look of the final result.

Every other accessory got spay painted in pure gold

Then some magic happened…

Stay tuned next week for the finished Playhouse!!!

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