Basement Half Bath Remodel

Basement half bath remodel

This was the first (DIY) finished project in our basement! The space has been completely transformed in just 3 weeks!! The space went from dark and dated to bright and modern, for around $700! Why did we start with the basement for our first DIY Project? Because it was our first time holding a nail gun!! So better do it in a basement rather than a kitchen! Right?! This was the perfect project to set ourselves a new goal and improve our skills.

This not-so-dreamy half bath had been there since forever and needed an upgrade! Do you see this tiny window on the right, overlooking the backyard terrace? That’s the perfect way to stay close to our guests during a barbecue! (Can we have some privacy?!).

This is the half bathroom we started with – Yuck! I can’t wait to show you the improved space!

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Design Mood Board:

Let's get started!!

Demolition went smoothly, since there wasn’t much to demolish! The wallpaper ripped off easily, like it wanted to come down! 

  • The first step was to replace the plumbing and electric. This, was done by our contractors. We knew from the house inspection that there was no ground wire connected to the ceiling lamp. So we got that done – Safe choice right!?
  • The next step was to replace the dry walls. The only one we kept, is the one where the door is located.

Already looking more attractive!

Floor tiles

Once the walls were fixed, my husband decided to challenge himself to tiling the room! It was easier than he expected and totally worth it.

It was the first time tiling for Yann! I think he did a great job!!

We grouted together, (yes, you can put that into your next couple activities, between puzzles and baking sessions), and we were proud!

Paint & Wood Accent Wall

Now, let’s talk about paint. We chose a mold proof paint, which is ideal for basement as they tend to be humid. Paints that are resistant to mildew not only resist water absorption by forming an impenetrable paint film but also contain fungicides that kill mildew spores before they can grow at all.

Once the room was painted, Yann installed the baseboards and started working on his wood accent wall.

Patching all the nails in the wood panels, and caulking every piece of wood took forever!

At least it’s how I feel about it! 

But it’s best to take the time to do it properly, than having cracks a few months later when cold temperature hit and the wood starts to contract and then expand again once the temperatures get warmer! 

After that, we painted the accent wall with the mold resistant primer too.

Did you spot the cooler outside the window? I was not lying earlier about barbecues!!

Then we painted the wood accent wall and the baseboard in a more dramatic color. Do you like it?

Half Bathroom Remodel Reveal

It’s amazing how different the room looks now! It doesn’t even feel like the same space! It seems so much brighter now! 

Small changes made a huge difference! The creamy color on the walls, helps the small amount of light that we get in the room bounce around. 

I hope that you love the room as much as I do!

If my husband decides to turn the basement into a Man Cave, and if I turn part of it into a play area for our daughter, this bathroom is definitely needed!! (Oh wait, is this a spoiler alert?! Yes it is!)

It’s so rewarding to achieve something like this as a couple, and it makes you want to challenge yourself to the next project!

Take a look at the before and after pictures !

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What’s your favorite part of this half bathroom remodel?? I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to comment below!

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