Story of my House

Most new owners have been through hell in order to get their house in our neighborhood. Between a high demand and low supply, a game of offers takes usually place between sellers and buyers.

We were (not actively) looking into properties for only 2 months when we saw this house.

Every other property we saw before, got sold within a few days or weeks! So we only had a chance to see 2 other properties we really liked before this one. I was 3 months pregnant by the time, so we wanted to find a bigger place than our rental apartment in Jersey City for our growing family.

This house was “sold by the owner”; we took a chance and rented a car for the weekend to be able to come to the open house.. How could have told us that destiny was knocking on our door?!!

The first thing we saw was the beautiful Magnolia tree standing in the front yard! Even in Autumn, we could tell how gorgeous it was going to be! Then, the big river stone chimney giving a lot of character to this 1929 Dutch Colonial house! What we saw inside was not our dream house; since it had never changed from almost a 100 years! The rooms setup and the flow were clearly not what we can expect for the 21st Century! But we saw so much potential, that we stayed for 2 hours going back and forth to every room picturing in our head what we could do to make it into a beautiful home, our home!

Ideas were growing into our heads and we were really excited about the opportunity to make it our own. The same day, my husband and I decided to make an offer! And here we are, 2 ½ years later.. With an almost finished house! Feeling so much like home; with still room for improvement, but finally out of the big construction work!

I didn’t want to start this blog until we were finished with the work, because I really wanted to share my experience with you, my knowledge about everything we have been through! And knowledge requires time and experience, so this is why I am starting this blog now (and also because my daughter is finally almost sleeping through at almost 2 years old, thank God!!).

So this is the beginning of our adventure, with ups and downs.. Moments that make you lose your mind, but also smile so hard that your cheeks hurt!! And I can’t wait to share it with you! All of it!

In this blog, I am going to share with you the entire renovation of the house, from architectural design, to the management of the project, wall paint color picking and furniture selection. 

I hope you will enjoy this journey with me!

Take a Tour of the (old) House! – To see the before pictures!

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  1. So excited to read more! I am in the middle of decorating our 4 bedroom house and I have no idea on how to go about it!

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