Tour of the (old) House!

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Last week, I told you about the Story of the House. Now, let’s have a tour of this 1929 Dutch Colonial! (Get ready for picture overload!!!)

Our new house is 1550 square feet (office and sunroom not included) and we wanted to take advantage of that the best we could.

We bought it back in Autumn 2016, right before having our daughter. And even if there was a lot to do to make it our own, we knew the house had great bones, and more importantly, a soul! 

The previous owner just didn’t have the time to keep it up! It had been owned by the same family since 1929. But right before we bought it, a friend of hers did a quick fixer upper. So the roof, windows and wall paint colors had been upgraded.

Now it’s time to walk you down memory lane and give you a “before” home tour.

The First Floor

The Kitchen

The kitchen was outdated and the space felt tiny and secluded

There was an old fashioned pantry taking half the room and it was pretty dark because of this awkward layout! 

Inside the pantry, there was a laundry chute coming from the bedroom on the second floor and going into the laundry room in the basement.. 

Now that I think about it, maybe I should have kept it instead of running from upstairs to the basement!

The Dining Room

The dining room was in good condition, but we wanted an open kitchen.

I can already tell you, Hubby had to take a few walls down! 

The Living Room

The living room was also in good shape! 

There was an opening on the left side of the wall leading to the kitchen (you can’t see it in the picture, the floor plans are at the end of the article). 

This door had no purpose other than being in the way!

The Office

On the first floor, there is also a small office with a half bath and closet!

The Second Floor

Bedroom number 1

This room was too small for a bedroom, and there was already an office on the 1st floor. With the staircase leading to the attic, it was not properly insulated. 

I can’t wait to show you what we did with it!! 

Bedroom number 2 / The Nursery

There was a tiny corner closet and an air conditioning unit on the wall. 

The unit was so noisy and taking up so much space!! You will see it on a future post, but I’m glad we got rid of it!

Bedroom number 3 & the Sunroom

I liked labyrinths as a kid, but not as much in my house!

We had to get through this then, master bedroom, in order to get to the sunroom! 

So practical right?! But no worries, we got it fixed!

The sunroom was our big crush! Everything had to be redone, so it was just like having a blank page and being able to draw (almost) anything we wanted ! 

(I say almost, because my drawing skills are not THAT great!) 

The Bathroom

Major Bathroom envy? 

Not yet?! With the “after” pictures hopefully!

The Attic

We had this big unused attic space full of potential but also dark and with no insulation.

The Basement

The Basement

The basement was just a big open & unfinished space. 

There was a laundry room and a half bath. The pipes and power cords were hanging everywhere. It was not the most inviting room of the house! 

Spoiler alert: now it’s one of my favorites… 

Have a look at the floor plans below:

First Floor
Second Floor

The house had been for sale for a few months before we bought it, so we may have been the only ones crazy enough to take it all on!

Stay tuned for our craziness taking shape and follow along with all of my designs and adventures over on Instagram.

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